Single sided printed circuit boards

The circuit for excellence, printed and made to measure with the best finishes and materials

Single sided PCB

The single-sided printed circuit board is the simplest because it involves a single layer of the base material. Tracks run along one side, hence the single layer or single-sided PCB name (or even single faced or monolayer). Strengths, in this case, are the ease of assembly and the reduction of the elements employed, factors in turn related to the lower cost of processing. The single-sided printed circuit board thus becomes the perfect choice for consumer projects (e.g. in the field of household appliances) where you can apply the same circuit tens of thousands of times, thus optimizing resources and invested budget.

The popularity of single-sided PCB also helps those who need to manage, modify, and repair the devices and equipment in which these circuits are inserted. As for production timing, such as for double-sided, multilayer, or IMS aluminum printed circuit boards, for single sided printed circuit boards we at Telma Circuiti can provide urgent sampling in 24 hours of ordering. A fast service, marked by quality and Made in Italy, thanks to which to receive the goods precisely without the unexpected and unknowns, with the certainty of an efficient product, guaranteed and personalized as you wish.

Your online quote

The quickest way to get a free quote is to use the special online configurator on our site. It is an interactive module that in a few steps allows you to calculate the price of single sided printed circuit boards and place your order. Our technicians are at your disposal to check the correctness of the Gerber files received and support you in the circuit design, in accordance with the timing and budget. Try the configurator now and get your printed circuit boards without taking a step.

The advantages of our single sided printed circuit boards

single sided printed circuit board
  • UL certified quality materials
  • Wide range of finishes
  • Final electrical check
  • Modify Gerber file on request
  • Reduced costs
  • Fast manufacturing from 24 hours
  • Delivery by trusted courier
  • Made in Italy manufacture
  • After-sales support
  • Urgent sampling

The single sided printed circuit boards of Telma Circuits

Thanks to the single sided pcb of Telma Circuiti you have the possibility to create any type of application in areas such as robotics, automation, household appliances and more. Constant research and continuous updating have led us to become one of the leading companies on the Italian market, thanks to the experience gained in the service of a transversal clientele.

Today our factory in Malo, in the province of Vicenza, represents a reference point for companies, industries, professionals and business looking for a competent partner, aligned with the latest technologies on the market and equipped to meet fast demands to be completed within 24-48 hours.

Contacting us means having a single proactive contact, capable of selecting time after time the best materials and alternatives for results always up to expectations. You can contact us immediately and without obligation on the phone or by email, or you can take advantage of our automatic configurator from your PC, tablet or smartphone and receive a quote free, complete and without obligation.

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