PCB surface finishes: the touch of class to complete your printed circuit boards

Large assortment of quality finishes to protect your printed circuit boards and improve your performance

PCB surface finishes

Applying a PCB surface finish means enriching the support with a layer of material that optimizes the durability and stability of the printed circuit board itself. The finishes can take various configurations, from simple chemical deposition (see for example gilding or silver deposition) to more complex processes such as HASL (Hot Air Solder Levelling) tinning, also known as tinning by means of hot air leveling. Each of the PCB surface finishes is able to bring concrete benefits, such as greater uniformity, the possibility of multiple reuses, longer storage life, lower environmental impact, or greater affordability (lower cost of manufacturing).

The choice of the most suitable PCB surface finish, therefore, depends on a series of wide-ranging assessments, corresponding with the needs, objectives, budget, and not least the standards that you intend to comply with. At Telma Circuiti we support the customer in the selection of materials that best lend themselves to complete the printed circuit board, thanks to the many years of experience gained in the industry. Our staff and our machinery allow us to finish the circuit in ultra-fast times, even for important orders of large volume, in full compliance with the agreed requests. An approach that makes our proposition successful because it is quick, practical, and personalized, in line with the needs of modern enterprises and businesses.

Your online quote

If you want to immediately know the price of our PCB surface finishes, all you need to do is use the online configurator on the dedicated page. It takes just a few steps to complete the request and receive a quick and no-obligation quote. This innovative system allows us to take care of your request on the day we receive it, finishing the work within the next 24-48 hours. Take advantage of it and see how easy it is to finish your PCB circuit boards.

Strengths of our PCB surface finishes

pcb surface finish
  • Wide and constantly changing assortment
  • Materials of European origin
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent flatness of the circuit
  • Savings and durability
  • Sampling and agile series
  • Fast and reliable manufacturing times
  • Instant telephone assistance
  • Express delivery by courier
  • Manufacture Made in Italy

Telma Circuiti PCB finishes

For us at Telma Circuiti, the PCB surface finish is not a routine but a crucial step to complete the circuit with a view to its application. Circuits used for BGA micro components want the surface with perfect flatness of the area: here you need to find the right compromise between performance and stability, thus taking advantage of the correct finish. The list of alternatives that we at Telma Circuiti offer our customers is very varied and includes electrolytic gilding with hard gold, silvering (or chemical silver deposit), tinning or chemical tin, ENIG (Electro  less Nickel / Immersion Gold), ENEPIG (Electro less Nickel / Electro less Palladium / Immersion Gold), Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) or organic passivation …

Our experts are at your disposal to discuss the best finishing option based on the characteristics of the current project. Over the years we have faced many challenges and can provide timely advice for urgent PCB surface finish sampling or another quick finish. As always, we guarantee the quality of the result, aware that we can follow you step by step from the beginning without intermediaries and without relying on external partners. With Telma Circuiti you are in great hands: test us today.

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For any doubt, you can contact us by email or fill out the quote form. We are located in Malo, in the province of Vicenza, in a location prepared to welcome customers by appointment. Talk to one of our experts for more information and explain what you need: we take care of the rest.