Multilayer printed circuit boards: the best to increase the thickness of the tracks

The ideal product to have more power or signal tracks in less space. signal tracks in less space.

Multilayer PCB

When the single layer PCB and double layer PCB are not enough, then it is necessary to increase the number of layers and make a so-called multilayer PCB. It is a complex circuit, but offering several advantages related to the use of 4, 6, or more layers. In a multilayer PCB the tracks pass from one layer to another through VIAS of various kinds, an arrangement that allows you to optimize the space available, bringing the electrical components closer together. The result is a greater compactness of the circuit, a factor highly appreciated when it is necessary to design small devices.

The lower weight and footprint become a decisive element in many applications, from radio transmission to industrial controls, satellite systems to handheld devices, and atomic accelerators to fiber optic receptors… Our machinery and expertise allow us to assemble state-of-the-art multilayer printed circuit boards, thanks to the use of certified quality materials, all of European origin. Moreover, the speed of delivery has always been one of the fundamental values of our business: in 24 hours you can receive urgent sampling and orders with insured shipping directly on site.

Your online quote

If you want a fast and free quote, you can complete our online configurator without obligation and calculate the cost of printing and manufacturing your multilayer printed circuit boards. Only a small amount of information is required and very little time: within five steps you can already have the answer and decide whether to confirm the order to our technicians. If you have any questions, Telma Circuiti support is ready to provide you with fast and personalised assistance. We answer every question via email and phone, offering preliminary advice at no cost and full technical collaboration, even remotely.

Strengths of our multilayer printed circuit boards

multilayer pcb telma
  • High-quality multilayer pcb
  • Modification of the Gerber file on request
  • Electrical test included
  • From 4 to several layers
  • Certified materials
  • Use of gold, silver and palladium
  • Free Online Quote
  • Direct and customised assistance
  • Pre-and post-sales advice

Features of multilayer printed circuit boards

Distinctive features of a good multilayer printed circuit board are first and foremost the hardness and solidity of the board, which is achieved thanks to a stack-up process at very high temperature and pressure. This result is achieved with the help of special lamination presses, able to return a perfect encapsulation of the resin and the adhesive that encompasses the layers.

Controlled impedance is another of the particular characteristics of a multi-layered printed circuit board that lives up to expectations. Added to this is the possibility of EMI shielding by positioning the power and ground layers. Always in the field of performance optimization, we are mindful of the lower amount of interconnected wiring and the consequent reduction in the total weight of the circuit.

Complete the picture with the wide selection of finishes for customization of the multilayer PCB in line with the modern expectations of our customers. If you are looking for an equal partner for the production of multilayer printed circuit boards and printed circuit boards in general, you just need to send us your request by email or fill out the automatic configurator directly from our website. Getting a quote is an easy, practical, and fast operation. Take advantage of it today.

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