IMS aluminium pcb

The best standard for heat dissipation in applications such as LED and others

The advantages of IMS aluminium PCB

IMS is an acronym for Insulated Metal Substrates, a type of special aluminium used in the base layer as a carrier for copper. The choice of IMS aluminium in printed circuit boards instead of ordinary fibreglass is dictated by the need to increase thermal dissipation due to overheating of electronic components. Those who opt for IMS aluminium pcb can count on a product with remarkable qualities of mechanical strength, thanks to the combination of other materials and the integration, within the devices and technologies that host the circuit, of special devices for dissipation of heat.

At Telma Circuiti, we have been successfully using IMS aluminium for several years for the production of high-quality printed circuit boards, finished with surface coatings ranging from passivated copper (OSP) to chemical gilding (ENIG — ENIPIG – ASIG), from electrolytic gilding to chemical silver, not counting more fine finishes such as palladium (even more powerful than gold). Attention to detail has led us to select materials of proven reliability (European and German in particular), which allow us to obtain very important certifications such as the UL of the American institution of the same name. A guarantee for us and objective security for businesses and companies that choose our company.

Your online quote

Do you need a fast quote to produce your IMS pcb? Don’t worry, you don’t need to pick up your phone or write an email: you can use our free online configurator and get the price of printing and finishing circuits, including sampling and urgent deliveries in 24 hours. A few steps are all you need to process the estimate and know the exact cost of the order. And if you have doubts or need clarification do not worry, you can contact our experts and have all the answers you need.

The strengths of our IMS aluminium pcb

printed circuits aluminium
  • Made with materials of European origin
  • Tested before shipment
  • Finished according to customer requirements
  • With preliminary verification of the Gerber file
  • Robust and heat resistant
  • Available in different thicknesses and serigraphs
  • UL Certificates
  • Suitable for multiple applications
  • Made in Italy

The IMS aluminium pcb by Telma Circuiti

The type configuration of IMS aluminium PCB involves inserting into the capsule a thin layer of thermally conductive dielectric material, capable of transfer heat to peripheral parts. Compared to the FR-4 construction standard, IMS aluminium offers more overheating protection, a key factor in high-efficiency LEDs and lighting systems.

Nowadays IMS aluminium PCB has won a wide and cross-sectional audience range, demonstrating their effectiveness in multiple applications and in particular where the overheating is a concrete problem. Our technicians are available to analyse the critical issues of the project, the correctness of the Gerber files and any other variable worthy of attention.

The objective is to meet the demands of each with the utmost speed and in full respect of the agreed budget. For any query, we invite you to contact us by email or on the phone. Alternatively, you can fill in our online configurator and find out instantly the best quote for the production of IMS aluminium PCB.

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