Double sided PCB: the solution to multiply space

Manufacturing and finishing of double sided pcb for electronics, electro medical, robotics, radio communications and more.

Double-sided printed circuit boards (DSPT)

More flexible, with higher circuit density and a small board size, double-sided pcb, also known as double faced circuits or DSPTs, represent today the most commercially popular printed circuit board version. The reason is linked to the flexibility of application, with tracks that alternate between the upper layer and the lower layer passing through special Vias holes with a diameter of up to 0.15 hundredths. Thanks to these products it is possible to satisfy multiple needs in every technological field, from motor electronics to radio controls, from electro medical to the computer industry, from UPS systems to LED lighting.

The lowest cost is undoubtedly the most interesting aspect of double sided printed circuit boards, complicit the optimisation of space on both surfaces of the area. At the same time, the use of innovative materials has made it possible to achieve high performance, with numerous finishes to choose from including gilding, silvering, HALS tinning (Hot Air Solder Levelling), organic passivation (Organic Solder ability Preservative) and more. The double sided pcb’s are therefore among the most valid products, also because they can be customised according to the customer’s needs and budget, with results always up to expectations.

Your quote online

Our automatic online configurator allows you to access without obligation the price of the double sided pcb made by Telma Circuiti. Simply enter the required information in the five steps by filling out the templates with the data you have. If you experience any problems during the process, you can contact us by email or on the phone and talk with our qualified specialists. Thanks to this intuitive mode you can calculate your quote for double sided circuit boards even from tablets or smartphones, without wasting precious time and without moving from the office. Take advantage!

Strengths of our double sided PCB

double sided pcb
  • Design or modification of the Gerber file on request
  • High quality double layer
  • Electrical test included
  • Italian Manufacture
  • European certified materials
  • Use of gold, silver and palladium
  • Sampling in 24 hours
  • Free Online Quote
  • Direct and customised assistance
  • Pre-and post-sales advice

The double sided PCB of Telma circuits

HVAC, telephone systems, control relays, power monitoring, amplifiers… there are many applications of double-sided printed circuit boards manufactured by us. The experience and the wealth of skills developed by our team over the years ensure our customers maximum support in the estimate and consultancy phase, also with regards the preparation and modification of Gerber files. Great attention is also paid to the search for suitable materials, such as the fine palladium, highly valued to achieve the ENEPIG finish (Electro less Nickel/Electro less Palladium/ Immersion Gold) and thus avoid oxidation of nickel before dipping it into gold (oxidation leading to the known defect of the so-called “black pad”).

There are also endless other scenarios to consider to configure the printed circuit board to your liking, thanks also to the help of our design software and our advanced CAD/CAM stations. All this without ever neglecting the speed of processing, which has always been our flagship, with reduced times of up to 24-48 hours from order. If you also want to know the prices of our double-sided printed circuit boards now, please use the online configurator available for this type of request. A few seconds and a small amount of data allows us to send you an accurate and convenient quote, in the name of Made in Italy and quality. With Telma Circuiti you are in excellent hands.

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