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The history of Telma Circuiti has its roots at the dawn of PCB production. At the time, the technologies were very different from today, yet the enormous developments that the circuit manufacturing sector would go through were already visible. The first company headquarters was born in 1993, within the industrial area of Schio, in the province of Vicenza: a strategic position due to being in the center of a territory already then devoted to electronics and information technology. Over the years we have moved to the current factory in Malo, also in the province of Vicenza, in an area that today exceeds 7,000 square meters, of which 3,800 are covered.

A distinctive feature of our proposition is the ability to meet small production, fast samples, urgent printed circuit series, and more general demands that a company structured with many people is not able to carry out in such rapid time. Compared to the world production scenario – dominated by producers located in the Far East who focus on numbers at the expense of quality – we at Telma Circuiti have always put the first-place values such as certifications, durability, product customization, and of course the speed of delivery. An approach that puts us at the forefront of the Italian market, strengthened by decades of experience and the technological knowledge gained.

From assistance to create the Gerber file to fast shipping

The cycle of the PCB production provides full support for the management of any aspect of the project. Our specialized technicians deal in particular with:

  • targeted advice to produce, modify or improve the original Gerber PCB file
  • process the file on CAD/CAM
  • panelling the circuit
  • producing the printed circuit board on various media
  • engrave the panel and finishing
  • packing the finished product
  • shipping the goods to the customer’s address
  • follow the post sales phase for any additional requirements

We work on behalf of companies operating in the most diverse sectors, from automotive to the production of household appliances, striving to satisfy customers at 100% of our scope. Contact us to receive your immediate quote online.

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5 Good Reasons to Choose Us

  • We reduce PCB production times
  • We only use quality materials
  • We manage the entire manufacturing process
  • We manufacture sampling on request
  • Fast shipping throughout Italy and abroad

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